I approach and photograph every wedding in a unique way – one that reflects your characters and style.  “I photograph you so you look like you.” I never overly pose but instead find unique locations and see what comes naturally with just a sprinkling of direction.

“…They are so unique, don’t look like any wedding photos I have seen before and that it the best thing about them! All the guests keep showing them to people who don’t even know us, because everyone is so blown away by your work.”

Creative photography is all about looking and looking again and seeing things differently. It’s about looking beyond the obvious and seeing possibilities. At Eclection we create distinctive and beautiful images whether sheltering from the rain under an urban underpass or surrounded by the luxury of a chateaux bathed in golden light. Creative wedding photography is not about going to the ends of the earth and back to achieve the ultimate shot; It’s about working with what you have and making beautiful and individual photographs in any situation.

“Your wedding photos make me want to get married” – that’s what a friend of mine said when she saw our photos and I think that sums up what you did for us so beautifully”

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