2017 Highlights

When you realise this post has been sat in drafts since January 2018 as you never finished it ..So this was about one quarter of my weddings and other than a wedding in Rye and one at Preston Court Manor, everything else is London. And yes I have not even thought about best of 2018 yet…However, the good news is I am FINALLY making a new website ..as the current one was supposed to be a temporary one…4 years later! As a photographer I would rather focus on shooting and editing my weddings…and making time for personal photography projects. HOWEVER, I also appreciate you might want to see more of my work… I have zillions of weddings – and I would rather send you a full wedding to look at rather than a few highlights.. so message me and I will send you links to full weddings.. In the meantime, I better get back to making my new website.

islington wedding

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Hopefully I will continue..Looks like I got to about May time!