Woodland wedding | Wise Wedding Venue| Tina & Paul

11th June 2012

Tina and Paul’s woodland wedding in June 2012 was a fabulous affair…I always say just get all your family & friends together in a field, throw in a big tent and you’re laughing…and that is exactly what Tina and Paul did.   I left at middnight and there was no sign of anyone tip towing back to their tents!  The official bit was at Blanch House in Brighton which was decorated delightfully and fully Floofed for the occasion by the lovely Sara at FizzySnood.  After dismantling the floofs and after a bit of horsing about .. the wedding party and the floofs travelled in Doily Days Camper Van to the Wise Wedding Venue a woodland just outside of Tunbridge Wells for a lunchtime ceremony in a woodland.  The woods were beautifully styled by Helen from Doily days with hanging lampshades, retro dressers, rugs and we even re-used Sara’s Floofs around the tree!  After the ceremony everyone spilled out of the woods for Pimms Jellys and amazing food by Debbie from Jam Queen, followed by 2 bands, games, whiskey tasting from Tina’s brother, a late night chip van, lots of hilarity from and finishing well in the early hours with with a silent disco.  This wedding was featured in Unique Bride Magazine.

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Fab pics – amazing wedding! Wish I’d been a guest xx