Islington Town Hall wedding with Genevieve and Moss. The date was all in the stars and the moon. I wish more couples would marry in January. The light is truly amazing and the probability of getting great light and is much higher as January is the driest month of the year! I love an Islington wedding.

Islington is ‘London’ with the houses lovingly restored to their Victorian glory. To make the most of Islington and the beautiful streets and the limited amount of daylight time, Genevieve and Moss had a private reveal the the square and after a few moments alone walked to their ceremony at Islington Town Hall.

Genevieve wore a Sassi Holford dress. Being an actress she owned that dress and we has so much fun with it was like a performance in itself with the sleeves and movement.

“As photography and design enthusiasts ourselves, my husband and I were drawn to her incredible use of light, scale and composition. We have very few photographs together as a couple and wanted our wedding photographs to not only capture us and our day but also be truly beautiful pieces of art. Not only is Heather an extremely talented artist but she is also gifted with interpersonal dynamics. Her confidence with people and with weddings helped the overall flow of our wedding day. She is very easy to communicate with and helped us shape our day to get both the best experience for us and our guests, which I believe you can truly sense from our wedding photographs.”

Genevieve & Moss

Islington Town Hall & Ivy City Garden