21st April 2020

The unique beauty of winter weddings

Photography is light and low winter light is the best. Just like summer, the sun may decide to stay behind the clouds, however, if it shines the light is simply remarkable. Take a closer look the photographs that you have connected with and been wowed by you will see that together with emotion captured ..the other thing that is bringing that photograph alive will be the light.

Think starbursts, sun flares, long shadows, beautiful haze.  Every photographer’s dream right there and all of these come from low light that you get all day long in the winter months.

Long shadows create drama and visual creating compositional elements in a photograph. The light can transform a location making it unique to you on your wedding day on that day.

Take advantage of an early sunset.  In late autumn and winter wedding sunset is often just before or during dinner ,,,making it an ideal time to pop out.  With mid summer weddings sunset can be as late at 10pm and hardly at all in the highlands of Scotland… so it is difficult to capture as by that point the wedding party is well underway,

“I’ve always loved the crisp white winter light in the UK – an odd thing for someone from LA to say. Genuinely though I’ve always preferred the light in the UK to that of California, especially in the winter.The day before our wedding and the day after our wedding it snowed, but on our wedding day we awoke to a perfectly clear blue sky. It was unexpected to be asking our guests to take off their sunglasses for the photos outside of Islington Town Hall. Although, our wedding day was filled with the most beautiful light, the real beauty of a winter wedding is that you fully accept that it might rain or snow, and you prepare accordingly. With summer weddings there is so much stress around the weather and making a rain plan. With a winter wedding you can embrace the weather fully – adding layers to your bridal look and coordinating umbrellas for your guests.”