Las Cicadas Ibiza Wedding

Emily and Miles wanted to create a wedding party vibe for all their friends and closest family. Las Cicadas is the most perfect venue. It feels intimate yet can host a large wedding party celebration. The villas itself is a traditional yet elegantly restored luxury farmhouse.  The villa is located in the rural heart of the island, close to the village of Santa Gertrudis.

Always a joy to travel to Ibiza, so many memories. I have been to Ibiza over a dozen times in my life and the Island has evolved as has my style of holiday in Ibiza. Ibiza has has many guises and will always hold a magical place in my heart and each time I visit I can still find new places and beaches to visit. This is the second wedding I have photographed in Ibiza and the 2nd of many as my plans evolve to move to Spain.

I met Emily and Miles as a wedding in Croatia in 2018. Emily was one of the bridesmaids and after seeing me in action and the subsequent photographs they wanted me to be part of their celebrations. I also photographed their official wedding in Hackney Town Hall with the family a few weeks before the Ibiza celebration.

The wedding day itself was very relaxed and focussed around a beautiful and emotional late afternoon ceremony conducted by Mile’s uncle and then rolling into a long dinner interspersed with speeches from sunset until night.

Las Cicadas is just outside Santa Gertrudis.  Located inland, this small town and surrounds is one of the best place to stay in Ibiza.  The villas in this area are often converted farmhouses and fincas and more traditional.  Less bling than many of the new Ibiza Villas. You feel in touch with nature and at Las Cicadas as the name suggests you can always hear the cicadas!