There has been some interesting debate recently about wedding blogs and their value and some strong if not rather harsh opinions.  Indeed everyone has  a lot to say in the wedding world, but perhaps they need to find better ways to say it!  Well I am of the opinion based on my knowledge and indeed facts that the wedding blogging world and photographer go hand in hand and I want to thank all the publications and blog below for helping share the love and the work around the world.  This year and I am hugely thankful for being featured on the following blogs and even the mother of all news sites the BBC!   In print, Things and Ink Magazine, Doily Days Magazine,  Perfect wedding Magazine and online with the BBC News Magazine, Festival Brides, The Huffington Post, I Want that Wedding, London Bride, Love Olio, Love Sussex Weddings, Love My Dress, Rock n Roll Bride , Roses & Lace and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

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