Things and Ink Cover Shoot | The Art Issue | Ophelia

I art directed and photographed Art issue Things and Ink cover back in July.  The shoot with tattoo artist Tracey D as Ophelia is part of the September Art Issue for the magazine … full spreads and images coming later once the magazine has gone into distribution.  Styled by Olivia Snape.   Editor Alice Snape.  MUA… You can read more about the shoot on Things and Ink.  The art issue cover is inspired by Millais’ iconic artwork, Ophelia, with tattoo artist Tracy D. Within the magazine are more fantastic recreations of iconic fine art work with a “tattoo twist,” along with art historical commentary from Doctor Matt Lodder.

I was assisted by James Sheen-Stevens

Make-up: Keely Reichardt
Styling: Olivia Snape
Headress: Gypsy East
Hair: Eleanor Robyn
Cover design: James Gilyead
Tracey D

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