The tradition of smiling in wedding photography

I loved photographing Helen and Dan …they did the “look stern and stiff” pose of the late 19th and early 20th Century so easily …well they managed it for about 30 seconds before laughing.. For vintage weddings it’s great to add in a few old fashioned (like your gran had) photographs for a real traditional feel and i’ve recently been routing through old photographs and doing some research to find out more about traditional styles of photography and why it all changed. I found this photograph at a vintage fair – an example of a photograph from the Royal wedding …

brighton-photo featured on rocknrollbride

It is good when a plan really starts to come together ….  and I get featured on Rocknrollbride!  I met Kat from RocknRollBride at the British Journal of Photography Unveiled conference in July along with 2 fabulous wedding photographers Chloe Brown and Lisa Aldersley.