South London Wedding at the East Dulwich Tavern |Hollie & Christian

South London Wedding at the East Dulwich Tavern.   Starting at St Mary Magdalen Church in Wandsworth, followed by Gin and Tonics aboard a Routmaster bus by This Bus to The Lodge above the East Dulwich Tavern.   Hollie’s wearing a Jenny Packman dress and vintage brooche by Fur Coat and No Knickers.  Christian loves his shoes and on this occasion they were by Mr Hare and his suit by Keith Watson.  Flowers by the lovely Laura Fisher at Wild Willow and hair and make up by Kate Balding.  This was my first wedding at the East Dulwich Tavern and hopefully more to come as it’s a local haunt.   I Love a South London wedding especially when I have lots of friends there too!

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And a little note from Hollie & Christian

“Your wedding photos make me want to get married” – that’s what a friend of mine said when she saw our photos and I think that sums up what you did for us so beautifully. It also reassures me that I’m not totally biased in thinking they genuinely are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Heather we cannot thank you enough for capturing the magic of our day so perfectly. You listened to everything we wanted and not only did you capture amazing shots of our family and friends, but you captured the FEELING of love, frolics and fun that our day was full of. We have photos of moments that we can look at and remember exactly how we felt, and that is something so precious. It was an absolute pleasure having you as such an important part of our day – you made the whole snapping process joyous rather than a chore – I know the boys loved posing for their shots, and you only have to look at the photos of me and my bridesmaids to see what a laugh we were having. You were a dream to work with – managed everyone so well, made them feel comfortable and relaxed and that really shines through in the photos. Not only did you capture photos but you captured memories and we can’t thank you enough for enabling us to relive our wedding day every time we look at them. I would recommend you to every bride out there – you rock. “

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